Fast and Furious

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Fast and furious 4 was the first film to be partly based in south America. The plot sees Toretto and Brian have to work together to take down 'Bra-ga", leader of a south American drug Cartel.

With this south American Theme in mind, we can predict that the soundtrack is going to have a Spanish flair, enter Vin Diesels musical Twin...Pitbull.  Don Omar also pops up a few times in the film, his track Virtual Diva is probably my favorite song in this installment of the franchise.


1. Rye Rye & M.I.A. - "Bang"
2. Busta Rhymes - "G-Stro"
3. Kenna - "Loose Wires" (found on Kenna's Make Sure They See My Face)
4. Pitbull feat. Pharrell - "Blanco"
5. Pitbull feat. Lil Jon - "Krazy" (found on Pitbull's Rebelution)
6. Tego Calderón feat. Pitbull - "You Slip, She Grip"
7. Shark City Click feat. Pharrell Williams - "Head Bust"
8. Pitbull feat. Robin Thicke - "Bad Girls"
9. Don Omar - "Virtual Diva" (found on Don Omar's iDon)
10. Tasha - "La Isla Bonita"
11. Pitbull feat. Pharrell - "Blanco" (Spanish)

A song not present in the official track listing is the song that plays when Brian and Toretto go to the club. They unknowing sit down for a drink with the guy their trying to catch, Braga. "The clubs yours, take whatever you want, broads, drink, its all good" - Braga

Club Song - Muevela

The base line is awesome!